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The National Minority Combine is an annual, multi-day, invite-only identification and evaluation program for approximately 100 minority and lower SES middle and high school players in the top 50 US metro markets. The Combine will be hosted and sponsored by local colleges, MLB, and MiLB teams. The host staff and the Fox Foundation will provide the athletes with training and feedback. Each player will end the event with a personalized online sports profile, feedback from senior-level personnel, and additional access to mentors, coaches, and MLB content. The participating colleges will have access to the proprietary database to identify and recruit minority baseball athletes. The Combine paves pathways to higher education and potentially professional baseball careers.

This phased approach provides young athletes the opportunity to work with experienced coaches and trainers, get them excited about the sport, improve retention, and level the playing field and ensure that talented young athletes from underrepresented communities have access to the same resources and training their peers from more affluent backgrounds. The program connects exceptional young players with current top-level players and provides opportunities for mentorship and development. It aims to help young athletes develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in baseball and life and give them exposure and hands-on attention to keep them invested in the sport.

To ensure access to all young athletes, we are working with community organizations and schools to identify talented young athletes who might not have had the opportunity to participate in organized baseball.

We have retained experienced coaches, trainers, and scouts who deeply understand baseball and are committed to promoting diversity in the sport. These individuals are responsible for identifying talented young athletes, tagging them for the Combine, and facilitating access.

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