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Participation in team sports benefits children in multiple aspects of life. First and foremost, physical activity positively impacts physical health and creates a foundation for a lifelong commitment to health and physical exercise.


Mental health is also strengthened by the creation of community and team bonds, fortified by the beacons of trust; the coaches. The increased support structure gives the athletes strong self-assurance boosting their academic potential. Working in a team environment also allows athletes to develop problem-solving skills which will benefit them in everyday life and work.

Unfortunately, accessibility to participation in team sports is not the same for everyone. Oftentimes, athletes originating from lower socioeconomic communities or underserved populations face barriers like high fees for participation, equitable access to green spaces for outdoor sports, and transportation.

To counterbalance and address these barriers, the Fox Foundation and their partners have developed innovative programs to increase diversity in sports, aiming to allow all youth equitable access to youth sports participation.


Launched Programs


Addressing barriers by facilitating access for all to play ball!


Paving pathways for underserved female athletes to play college soccer.

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