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creating AVENUES
to Fuel PotentiaL

by Breaking barriers & addressing sports participation inequities.


The Fox Foundation launched the Sports Diversity Initiative in 2017 to address systematic barriers limiting sports participation.   


Our innovative programs address youth sports paywall barriers by providing accessible pathways to participation and a supportive ecosystem to ensure success both on and off the field.


Addressing barriers by facilitating access for all to play ball!


Creating collegiate opportunities for girls in flag football.


Paving pathways for underserved female athletes to play college soccer.


The Fox Foundation is 501c3 based in Tampa, FL with a multi-disciplinary team of over 400 professionals based in 29 countries around the world. Our personnel are carefully selected from a large group of candidates in a wide range of industries including psychology, psychiatry, behavioral science, healthcare, education, coaching, engineering, geography, information technology, smartphone application development, artificial intelligence and machine learning, sociology, marketing, social media, communication, investment banking and finance, human intelligence, PsyOps, and government affairs.

Fox works with academic institutions, governments, advocacy groups and private industry worldwide to research, test and implement creative and economically sustainable programs designed to solving health and social problems through innovative solutions.

For more information on the Fox Foundation, please see our website at

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